Private collection: Benno and Rita Allemann

More than one hundred dollhouses are on display in the museum, which opened in 2009. All are intricately furnished with thousands of fitments, exhibiting a veritable “small world in the window”. The small town idyllic showcases living rooms, kitchens and shops. Stately villas and a menagerie with countless animals represent the upper-class lifestyle of its aristocratic inhabitants.
In the shopping lane a diversity of shopkeepers offer their precious goods and delicacies to customers: “May I offer you a bit more?” Country living and cuisine, as well as entertainment provided by the theatre and operetta, convey the illusion of an idyllic past.

Alongside the market square, the exhibitors have placed a country fair, complete with roundabouts and a Ferris wheel.
Miniature-sized altars placed in a stylized church remind visitors of the original meaning of the Swiss German word for fair: “Chilbi”, which stems from “Kirchweihfest” (church fair). At such altars boys once practiced as ministrants or future priests. In addition, a coach can be seen arriving in front of the palace.
The objects, dating between 1840 and 1930, have been collected by Benno und Rita Allemann for 20 years. Dollhouses, originally built for educational purposes in order for children to practise adult life, have become sought-after objects for collectors.